Sunday, January 17, 2010

Freezing Fog

Have you ever heard that term? Well I hadn't until lately. It was always hoar frost before. Must be a nicer term. Anyway we woke up to it this morning and it has lasted most of the day. Gray sky and fog besides. The temps are about 26* F and it just doesn't move. Better than a couple weeks ago when it was -17* F when you get up in the morning. Is Spring coming? I haven't seen many signs. I did look at the Lilac bush and the buds are getting bigger. The Bald Eagles are here and that is a sign that it will be coming in the next couple months. We hadn't seen many of them for most of my life and the last couple years they are really coming back to this part of the country. We live along the Rock River in NW Illinois. They like the trees and the water around here in the winter. Have you seen any signs of Spring? Chris

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