Friday, December 8, 2017

Sewing happening

This is the progress that is happeninh. I got them cut and sandwiched together. I sewed arounf them, turned and hand stitched the opening shut. Plan on doing plain straight line quilting on the placemats.

The napkins are cut also. I do need to go and buy orange thread to hem the napkins. Not ready to go yet still trying to get the cobwebs out.

I was awake early, but fell back alseep and sometimes I am just better off getting up. Not enough caffeine yet I guess.

Hope your Christmas sewing is moving along. Chris

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Finally doing christmas sewing

I ordered fabric the other day. I ordered from q They are Michael Miller fabric and I paid $4.99 a yard and $5 shipping. It was a good price and I have christmas presents to make. 

 This is Gerbera Daisies from Michael Miller I'm cutting this up to make placemats. Two sets of 6 mats and also napkins to match the back side.
This is the Sea Holly design from Michael Miller. This will be backing and napkins. The placemats are cut 14X18 inches and the napkins will be 14 inch square before hemmed. 

Both my DIL's have white dishes so I thought this would be colorful for Summer and Fall placemats. 6 complete sets each.

The girls are hard to buy for each has their own style, but covering a wooden table is important to me with kids. Hopefully they get used. 

Hope your sewing is coming along. Chris 

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Placemats and new fabric

They are all stitched, but need pressing and then stitching in the ditch. It is a pattern from Jordan Fabrics. They are a quilt shop in Oregon State

 I have four finished this far. They are good sized. About 14 X 18 inches is the website. They have videos and free patters on the site. 
I received This in a package today from They have great fabric at wonderful prices and also they have dozens of free quilt patterns for free. Stop by and see both sites and enjoy your time at both. Chris 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Little bit more done

I am using recycled fabrics. The colored part of the blocks is men's shirts I have bought at yard sales or thrift stores. The sashing and cornerstones are fabric I have used in other quilts and they have been hanging around for a long period. 

The colored part is 9.5 inch block. The sashing strips are made from 1.5 inch strings. And the cornerstones are cut offs from the strip sets at 1.5 inches and made into 9-patches. It is a simple quilt, but a utility quilt for a couch or recliner. 

The longest part of time is in making the strip sets. Lot of pressing going on doing them. I cut them the length of the fabric instead of the width for added stability. 

This ideas can make up in large floral prints, geometric designs, polka dots, fussy cut sport themed fabric. The choices are endless. 

The idea for this quilt top came from Becky Quilts in the Old Country. She has a Facebook page with free patterns. Her Twin also has fabric at a reasonable price and $5 shipping at Becky Tillman Petersen has many quilt patterns available all free of charge. Visit and sign up to join the fun. is the link. 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Sewing at 4:30am

Yesterday I showed you that I was cutting whites and off whites up. They are smaller pieces that have been hanging around and need to be used up.

I cut them up and sewed them into strip sets for sashings for some men's shirt plaids I had cut into 9.5 inch squares. Then the cut off sections are used for the corner stones for the sashing.

I couldn't sleep this morning so I was up at 4:30 am sewing strip sets together. Tomorrow I will have a better picture of how they look. It is going to be a couch throw. 

The shirtings have been hanging around cut into the squares for months. As I cut off more from the fabric from the men's shirts I cut two of the larger squares and saved them. 

I had thought about buy new fabric  for the sashing and thought I am using men's shirts I might as well use up some of this fabric that has been here. 

I had to go to the store today and that about wears me out. I buy the necessities for the mont all at once. Maybe will have to rethink doing so much at a time. Hope you are enjoying your day. It is 60 degrees here today. Chris 

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Cutting up old pieces.

I have a couple stacks of odds and ends of whites and off whites to tea dyed muslins laying around. I set up a cutting table in the living room. 

I know you should stand to cut, but my back isn't going to go there so I sat to cut. The bucket under the table is full of 2 inch strips. The pile on the white table is 2.5 inch strips and the pile with tan and off white on the tray table is 1.5 inches. 

My theory is if it isn't cut it can't become a creation..... These had been on the shelf for 2-6 year and just need to be used up. I have about three different projects to use them up. 

I think now that the first of the Holidays are over I can get back into some sewing. I have fabric coming this next week to finish up a couple started projects. 

The leftover ham is getting cut up today for ham and bean soup. The beans are soaking now and the rest will come into play over the afternoon. Then the cornbread will be made to serve with it. I do like leftovers for soups. 

Off to do some more cutting. Chris

Friday, November 24, 2017

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

WE had family here for a big dinner. Charleigh is 10 1/2 months old now and wants to keep up with the older girls. She started walking last night before they went home. She was so exited because she did it. She was holding onto her mother's hand and was like running just  minutes before. Nothing is going to hold her back.  

We had turkey ham and also all the sides. I made 4 pies. this is two pumpkins fresh out of the oven. Everything was delicious and we are eating some of the leftovers today. Not much was left. 

Hope you had a nice Holiday Chris

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Still not 100%

It has been almost 8 days and still not the greatest. I have been binge watching videos on You Tube.

Angela Walters has a channel called Midnight Quilter. It is fun to watch. Donna Jordan from Jordan Fabrics has a channel and shows many fabric cutting skills. Their skill is iron first and use a weight on the ruler to hold in place for long cuts.

There is also Missouri Star Quilt Company. They have many tutorials with Jenny Doan showing us quick quilts.

There are hours and hours of good sewing tips and ideas. Never to old to learn a new tip. Hope you find something to watch.

I have done a lot of this since I have been sick. Chris

Saturday, November 11, 2017

I have been sick all week.

Started out with a scratchy throat and then ear ache now coughing till my ribs hurt. I have used so much tissue. I know to much info. I hate it.

Got a phone call yesterday afternoon could the three year old come and spend the night. The other two were going to the other Grandma's and she begged to come to my house. This isn't the first time she has done this.

We let her be a little girl and she loves the alone time. She is a good child when she is alone. I have taken the other ones individually also. I think it is good they have one on one with their grandparents. They also have learned how to do some cooking while they are here. Katie's specialty is cupcakes and Autumn likes to make soup.

Katie like to play with dolls. So she brought Barbies with her. She has conversations with them and it is cute to watch her play by herself. At least she knows how to entertain herself which a lot of kids her age do 't do.

I will give my son and his wife credit. The girls have electronic devices, but they do play most of the time with their toys. Kids today get stuck with their heads in the device or a video game.

Well I am sitting up waiting for meds to work. Sick with a bad cold isn't good for sleeping. Hope you are well and don't catch this. Chris

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Been knitting instead of quilting

I have been knitting and using up odds and ends of yarn. I have plenty and I acquired the yarn stash my neighbor had and not used before she passed away. It wasn't a lot, but enough to do some scarves and hats. 

The brown/gray was a wool from Ireland. She was a travel agent and took people on tours all over the World. She had started a sweater and not finished it. She had all sizes of knitting needles and a fair amount of yarn.

I learned to knot when I was 8 years old. I had every childhood illness and kid could get and missed 40 days of school that year. I learned to knit and embroider that year. I enjoy doing both.

So these will go in a tub and when my family needs some they will come out. The rest will be donated for the needy. I think the next time I go to the thrift store I will look for some more yarn to make charity pieces.

Sick with the start of the a cold. Chris

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween 2017

Happy Halloween 2017. The girls came here to Trick or Treating. It is a quiet neighborhood and lots less traffic.

The girls went out with their mother and we kept the baby here. After her being n the hospital it was just to cold lout for her. She was a ladybug. The older two were Elsa and Anna.

The baby got a hold of a Tootsie Pop and ate it clear down to the chocolate center. We stood right there and watched her. She loves lollipops.

Fall is here. the cold mornings and warmer days are upon us. The leaves are falling everywhere.

Hope you are enjoying the Fall. Chris

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Today is just another day

I normally love Fall, but this year the colors aren't showing up. We had such a dry spell the trees didn't produce the brilliant colors they normally do.

I have started on some housecleaning and get so frustrated. We are not dirty people and we clean the furnace once a month, but where does all the dust come from?

I am also trying to focus more on things I want to do. Well so much for that. The phone rings and I end up dropping what I am doing to go help someone else. I have turned down two alteration jobs recently. I have no interest in doing it anymore. I will for my Family, but all the neighbors need to find someone else.

Since I turned 65 I have determined my time is mine. I don't want o do something I don't. No disrespect just not something I want to do.

I have decided to slow down on posting here and on Facebook. So disappointed with what is going on in the World and USA I have nothing to say that anyone is interested in. I will be reading your posts and will comment when I feel it is appropriate.

Hope all of you are well and can keep active with your sewing projects. Chris

Friday, October 20, 2017

New Ruler

I have watched the videos and also seen the pictures of others who  have bought this ruler and their results. 

I caved and spent the money on the large one and the mini. It is the Creative Grids Pineapple tool trimmer by Jean Ann Wright. 

The large on is for 6 inch, 8inch, and 10 inch blocks. The smaller one is for 4, 5, and 6 inch blocks. The mini ruler should be in the mail today. 

I also ordered a book by the same designer. I am anxious to see what is in the book. I see from the cover bed quilts, wallhangings, and table toppers. 

Many quilters swear by the rulers so time will tell. Chris

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Fought with my bed for hours.....

My bed and I don't like each other at times. I have a comfortable bed, but it rained for 36 hours and the bones just ached.

I decided to get up and went into straighten more in the sewing room and get more of the sewing desk cleaned off.

I had a container of 2 1/2 inch squares there and wanted them depleted. I started sewing them up into 4-patches last week. I got more of the stitched and pieced today.

I thought with the other 250 of these 4-patches I have made over the last year they would make couch quilts for Christmas present.

I try and do a few of this off and on sewing of squares and they mound up in a hurry. I want something to look old so the brown was a mottled brown to gold color and the gold was some Moda fabric I bought about 7 years ago.

Have you started gearing up for Christmas? Chris

Friday, October 13, 2017

gloomy but trying to keep up with the mess

In my cleaning project I found these things. I had a bucket list I had started for quilts I was interested to make. Also a print out from crazymomquilts blog. It is her tutorial on making Pineapple blocks. Plus my attempt at a couple of those blocks in scrappy strips.

This is just one of many pineapple block tutorials or videos I have tried or watched in the last couple weeks. 

This doesn't use any special rulers it is all straight cutting. It is in detail so you maybe would like to see it. It is under her tutorials on her website. 

Probably can't read this, but it is a small dent in my bucket list. I keep finding more and not getting any of them done. Wishful thinking. Don't think i will live long enough to accomplish them all. 

Rainy here suppose to be a little warmer today. Was only 62 degrees yesterday, but it is Fall after all. Have a good one. Chris

Saturday, October 7, 2017

3 year old birthday party

Katie turn three yesterday. We had our family and her Aunt and Grandma and cousin from her Mother's family that joined us. Big sister had to help her open gifts.

Katie had so much to look at she didn't know which way to turn. 

Everyone is taking pictures with their cameras on their phone and she didn't want her picture taken anymore. 

We had chicken and noodles Italian bread and cupcakes. The leftovers went home with my son to have for lunch. 

Happy Birthday Katie. Chris

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Slowly recovering

We have had the girls a lot lately. They are coming tomorrow for Katie's third birthday. This is Charlotte and Autumn. We have to bungie cord Charlotte into the seat, but she loves riding with her big sister. She goes by and waves the Queen wave. It is so cute. She is 9 months old today.

Doesn't look like much yet, but getting things moved and some put on shelves. I plan on trying to fold better after I get the bulk of it up off of tables and not just piled everywhere. 
I repositioned the desk so I have more room to move the drawers closer to where I sew. They house the threads and some tools I use. 

I did some of the moving of the drawers yesterday and then didn't press my luck and go back to it today.

We have a big 3 year old birthday party for tomorrow. Homemade chicken and noodles are happening and I am going to attempt pink swirled cupcakes. I think this will be a great end to a homemade meal. I will just tint the cake batter and swirl it in before I bake them. 

I got sick again this Fall like the last two. I get into a slump and don't eat properly and my body rebels. I pay a very nasty price.  I was in bed off and on for two days, but finally am recovering. So taking it slow and readjusting my lifestyle. 

So moving forward from all the cleaning and trying to get it fixed so it works better. Better, better would be knock out a wall and adjoin the next room, but that won't happen. Oh it could, but I can't handle the mess and the flooring would be an issue. We have carpet in the adjoining room and plank vinyl in the sewing room. I guess need to sew faster so I use it up and it won't be so cluttered. Have a good one Chris

Sunday, October 1, 2017

I give up......

It is Fall and I do not feel good again. Same old problem. Plus I have allergies so bad again.

I really don't know which way to turn. I will get through it, but not comfortable.

TTYL. Chris

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

finally pictures

I went to Walmart last week and found these baskets in the mark down section. I got them for $3 each. I put 1.5 inch, 2 inch and 2.5 inch strips in the tubs. Easier to get to them. I am trying to consolidate to have less clutter.

These are gallon containers I had all of those strips stored in. My husband can use the containers in the garage for his parts and pieces he has.

I cleaned off a table and have another one to take care for. I got a lot of fabric put up on the shelves and not piled up everywhere. I still have more to tackle, but this is a start. How can we make such a mess?

I have had the grandkids more lately so I am not getting as much sewing done.

Hope you have a good week. Chris

The dreaded clean has been happening

I couldn't get pictures to upload. so I guess I clean out the computer to.

I have started on the cleaning. Got a lot of fabric put up on the shelves and also took almost 9 tubs out of here because I comsolidated the smller tubs to clothes baskets.

My strips were ove taking this house so they are tamed down.

The last day of the heat and himidity are coming to an end. Suppose to be cooler and less hunid in the next few days. More Fall like weather is coming.

Hope you are getting your projects worked on. Chris

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Been busy I think

I have been making 5 and 6 inch string squares. I have two different projects I am trying to finish. They are going slow, but a few each day. 

I have papers cut and I just start sewing. The larger squares are very close to being done. It is going to be a queen sized quilt. I really think I will do a quilt as you go technique. It is a better fix for me to get this accomplished. 

I have been looking into getting a frame for doing machine quilting. Several companies have the frames and you use a machine you have. 

The biggest problem is the size of the area you need to have a frame standing up to work on it. If I get one I can get a quilt done in sections and then it is more manageable. I have done that with the domestic machine quilting anyway. 

The big thing is the frame with the carriage for making it mobile. There are several knock offs available on the net so need to do some studying. I know you are limited to the area of the quilting because of the open area in the machine you use. Lots to think of. 

Sun is blinding me as I type We finally had rain the other night and it rained about 3/4 of and inch. WE haven't had rain in about 50 days to amount to anything. 

Well hopefully you are enjoying the last few days of Summer. Fall is coming on Friday. Where has this year gone? Chris

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Grandma and Grandpa time

The little one was awake at 6 am so she got to fall asleep again and we put her on the air mattress. She had her favorite quilt.

Pretty soon Kate came and woke her up so they bothe layed on the mattress. Each had a quilt that Grandma had made to cover up in.

Mommmy and Daddy had an event they spomsered last night so they will be here until latr this afternoon.

We are fed and dressed and up and going. Naps will happen soon I am sure. Me to. Chris

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Scraps of flannel

It is all quilted washed and done. It is flannel scraps I had laying around and some solid pink for the borders and the back. 

I brought the pink around to the top for the binding. I did stitch it by machine. 

I am sure this ne will be drug around and instead od it falling apart I sewed it pretty secure. It is vey soft. 

I used a polyester batting in it and pink thread to quilt it with. 

Now back to string quilts. I have been washing fabrics the last couple days i have purchased. That way they are ready when I need them. Chris

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Another top done

This is leftover pieces from slicing up yardage for the rag quilts. It is flannel and girl colors. 

It is sticking to my carpet, but it is not ruffled. I added several borders to make it large enough to cover the baby . 

Here is the detail in the corner so you can see how many times I added with small pieces to get a usable size. I have the solid pink for the back. It looks like a baby with all the soft colors and being flannel it will be warm. 

Stitching away Chris

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Top is finished

It is 96X96 inches unquilted. Lots of sewing and a ton of thread. 

The borders got sewn on today. The black is 3 inches as cut and the red is 1 inch as it was cut. So it is three inches with the two sewn together. 

This used a ton of scraps. 1600 2 inch squares just in the 16-100 squares to a block. Didn't include sashings or borders.  

I worked off and on for about 3 weeks and then life got in the way and I finished it 15 minutes ago. 

Now to order fabric for the back. Chris

Thursday, August 24, 2017


But in a slump. Later

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Top done, but for borders.

Almost 3000 2 inch squares. Lots of sewing and the thread is unbelievable. I cut each square and paired it instead of strip sets. Next time it will be strip sets. 

As it lays there it is 87 inches X 87 inches. There are two narrow borders to frame it.  I plan on making it to be on a queen size bed. 

Now I have to find a back for this. Chris

Monday, August 14, 2017

Took a little road trip

I got word through a relative and Facebook someone had a quilt frame they wanted to get rid of. Contacted the lady and we took a 24 mile round trip drive and got this frame. It is a Sears Quilting Frame from 1969.

Here are the legs and the directions came with it. It must have been in a basement because the feet are a little mold stained. We can sand them and seal that up. It is for a full size maximum size quilt. 

I went out to take pictures and since it is getting closer to Fall I decided to take a few pictures in the back yard. We have been here for 15 years and it looks pretty good for two old people managing it. 

Here is a flower bed close to the french door. The Hibiscus are blooming like crazy right now. The big Hosta is starting to open up it's flowers. 

Well almost done with making the last strip for the Clean Up quilt which I talked about in the last post. Hopefully I can get it all together then the two small outside borders and get it ready to be quilted. Not sure I have enough for the back of the quilt. I will have to dig to see what I have. 

Hope you are having a great sewing day. Chris

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Starting to be a top

This is the quilt I am making, It is called Clean Up by Becky Tillman Petersen at Becky has designed all the quilts and she has them free on her website. This is made with 2 inch squares, 

Each block has 100 -2 inch squares in it. There are 1600-2 inch square just in the 16 blocks. I cut and handles each one. Next time it will be strip sets. 

I have all the 16 blocks sewn into the rows and started to add the sashing of 112-2 inch squares. There are 5 of those. It turns out to be 85X85 inches with borders. 

I wrote to Becky and told her I was infoming her I was not using 2 inch squares again. Maybe I would use 2.5 inches instead. As I said yesterday it sure uses up a lot of scraps. 

Becky said she used up all the two inch squares she had cut and still had to cut some more, but she likes a challenge. I made several of these into 4-patches and had about over a hundred almost 200 just because I thought I might need them.  

I have about 200 2.5 inch 4-patches made up waiting to be used somewhere. If I want to sew and need something to keep me busy I make 4 and 9-patches and store them until I use them up. They have come in handy before several times. 

Weather has been beautiful so today I cut back flowers that were spent. Jeff was on a ladder and I don't like leaving him to do it himself so I cleaned up one bed. The cicadas are singing so Fall is around the corner. Getting a head start on it.

Keep on sewing......... Chris

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Sewing is happening here and there

I got the rag pieces started for the girls for Christmas. Had to stop to cut more batting and they came for dinner so the table needed to be free. 

This is a partial row of blocks from the quilted titled Clean Up designer by Becky Tillman Petersen from They have free patterns on the websites and this is one of them. 

As I get another row sewn together I will post pictures of it. I think this is a good sized queen size. Uses up a lot of small scraps. I cut the individual 2 inch squares, but if I do it again it will be in strip sets. I had all of these cut and some 4-patches already assembled so used them up in the process. Never hurts to have a stack {like 175 of them}made up. Helped get this done faster. 

Hope everything is going well in your neck of the woods. Chris