Sunday, November 26, 2017

Cutting up old pieces.

I have a couple stacks of odds and ends of whites and off whites to tea dyed muslins laying around. I set up a cutting table in the living room. 

I know you should stand to cut, but my back isn't going to go there so I sat to cut. The bucket under the table is full of 2 inch strips. The pile on the white table is 2.5 inch strips and the pile with tan and off white on the tray table is 1.5 inches. 

My theory is if it isn't cut it can't become a creation..... These had been on the shelf for 2-6 year and just need to be used up. I have about three different projects to use them up. 

I think now that the first of the Holidays are over I can get back into some sewing. I have fabric coming this next week to finish up a couple started projects. 

The leftover ham is getting cut up today for ham and bean soup. The beans are soaking now and the rest will come into play over the afternoon. Then the cornbread will be made to serve with it. I do like leftovers for soups. 

Off to do some more cutting. Chris

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