Monday, November 27, 2017

Sewing at 4:30am

Yesterday I showed you that I was cutting whites and off whites up. They are smaller pieces that have been hanging around and need to be used up.

I cut them up and sewed them into strip sets for sashings for some men's shirt plaids I had cut into 9.5 inch squares. Then the cut off sections are used for the corner stones for the sashing.

I couldn't sleep this morning so I was up at 4:30 am sewing strip sets together. Tomorrow I will have a better picture of how they look. It is going to be a couch throw. 

The shirtings have been hanging around cut into the squares for months. As I cut off more from the fabric from the men's shirts I cut two of the larger squares and saved them. 

I had thought about buy new fabric  for the sashing and thought I am using men's shirts I might as well use up some of this fabric that has been here. 

I had to go to the store today and that about wears me out. I buy the necessities for the mont all at once. Maybe will have to rethink doing so much at a time. Hope you are enjoying your day. It is 60 degrees here today. Chris 

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