Friday, December 15, 2017

Christmas is getting closer by the day

No pictures today. Still trying to get things finished up.

I had girls yesterday so that was a wash as far as finishing anything. The baby is walking and she is almost running trying to get away with things that girls want.

Last night when Mom and Dad got here she got the lid off of the formula can and spilled part of the formula on the carpet. Her Dad came unglued and told her she was naughty. Her pack and play was in the master bedroom and close to the dresser. She got a dresser drawer open and was pulling folded sock pairs out and pulling them apart. She is going to be a handful.

I am almost finished with two projects and need to go and get two  more gifts, but I am getting closer. Next is the wrapping. I have stuff in closets and I know I put away some stuff awhile back and have been racking my brain where I put it. If I can't find it there is always birthday presents then.

Hope everyone is well. Lot s of sickness going around. Take care Chris 

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