Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I'm improving.

I finally am turning the corner and starting to feel better. Been a long slow journey to get this far.

Well the election is over. The name calling and the mudslinging hopefully is over, but time will tell. Maybe isn't the outcome you wanted, but I think the voice of America was heard. Change had to come.

I am  not optimistic this will be the answer. I honestly think the complete change will never happen as long as the Good Old Boy Society remains in place a length of term isn't changed to a certain amount of time.

This is my opinion and not forcing it onto you. Trying to be optimistic the transistion will go smooth and we Don't show the World we are in-fighting here in the USA. Chris


Hettie Pringle said...

So glad for you. I am doing well and plan to keep it this way!

Katie M. said...

Glad you're improving... As for the political scene, time will tell but I would like to think the majority will remember that we're the "United" States of America....