Monday, December 7, 2009

Almost finished

This is the latest quilt to go under the needle. I am making it for my grandson.
This is the quilt I am quilting for my Grandson. He is 8 years old. Derek wanted a gray room so he has a platform twin bed and this is the quilt top his Great Grandfather made before he passed away. Derek wasn't even born yet when it was made.

I chose a deep red for the back and I didn't like the print so I turned the fabric over which read a solid color. I used a red thread in the bobbin and a silver gray in the top thread. I am binding it with the red. I have to place two more bindings on the quilt then check for threads and then wash and dry. Ready to wrap.
My Step Father worked in an office for over 40 years. He did stain glass work for years. He decided my Mom was going to quilt shops so he went along and got intersted. This is one of many he made. Several need quilting yet. Chris

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