Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lots going on besides quilting

Before Jeff's Mother passed away we had started to do yard work. I got a good sale on mulch and we needed a bunch. We had the garden planted and he wanted something to do while we waited for phone calls.
After all the services and things calmed down we received a trailer load of his mother's things. Well some of it was still in really good shape so we wanted to put it to use. I started cleaning in the sewing room to make room for a chest of drawers for more storage. A mess before it is all done for sure.
This had nice deep drawers so it will store quite a bit of UFO's and also bigger backing pieces.
Still have plenty more to go through and I did get a couple big totes that are really sturdy.
This was in the trailer. It is a twin  electric bed. One that elevates with a remote. We have a queen size like it and this one will be better if you get someone down for a longer period of time.
This is a small table and chairs she had which was to good to give away. So for now it is in the extra room incase some one needs it. Al things she had in her apartment, but much of it in really good shape. More sorting and cleaning on going, but it will all get put to good use.   
Gloomy today so I think we will just hang in the house and get some more done. Need to mend jeans for my husband and try and relax. The last few weeks have been hard and it has been necessary to cope. Hopefully some sewing gets done soon. Chris

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