Sunday, August 11, 2013

I'm frazzeled

No I didn't take pictures. Eight days of a large dog that hasn't ever been away from home and I thought she was 12 years old. Well she is 14 years old. She did pretty good but she wants to be around someone all the time.

Then the two boys brought all the kids. Sage 15 years old, Taylor 14 years old, Derek 12 years old, Bryson 11 years old and Autumn 5 months. The house was full for a little bit.

They have all left and I told Jeff that everyone left and we were alone. Now what do we do? He laughed. Awful that we can't handle all the confusion. Maybe I can get back to sewing and cleaning.

I'm trying to figure out where some yarn got put. I thought I would knit some leg warmers for the baby and a sweater and hat. So my agenda tomorrow is to find the yarn and needles I need. Have a good one.

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