Saturday, August 3, 2013

I am Woman but am I enough?

This a picture of my grandkids taken several years ago. They were with their Mom and Dad at a training session for fire fighter training. They have gone through so much in their young lives. Changes in the family dynamics and moves had taken the innocence of childhood away.

I have tried to be a constant and stable person in their lives, but am I enough? I'm a wife , grandma, mother and some days the tug of war goes off in my mind and I become paralysed  as to what roll I should play. I question if my contribution to this crazy World has made an impression that was worth while.

My grandkids are facing another change that will hurt those involved. I feel for their pain and yet in todays society pain is an emotion many people don't think about when they inflict others. I have to step back and listen, but not influence their choices.

Who said life was "Grand"? Boy they never felt an insecurity or separation. Why can't people set aside hatred and vengeance?

Many other families have gone through this and the pain and stress is very griping. I never went through this as a child and yet as an adult I hurt for them. I'm not really looking for answers to all this it is just venting. Love your family and try for your kids. Chris       

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