Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cleaned machine and some sewing

Today is a down day for me. Not a downer but down. I am tired of a week of grandkids. Most of the time they were here with me. Dad had to work and they are not old enough to stay by themselves. I got up this morning and cleaned my sewing machine. That was my Christmas present to my machine. It was long overdue and I have put it through it's paces the last couple weeks. I loaded it up on oil and started a new mindless project. I had about 1 1/2 yards of bandanna print in red. I cut it up into 9 napkins for the kitchen table I got out a basket and salt and pepper shakers that are chickens and I am using it for a center piece on the table.
Even though it is the kitchen table it seems to be a dumping ground for hats, gloves and things as they are carried in from the car or the garage. I would like to stop that practice. Hard to teach and old dog new tricks. I am as guilty as the rest on that issue. But at least I played with some fabric. Do you all have new projects for the New Year. I think I have one. Have to wait and see how it falls into play. Chris

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