Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cutting and piecing for months

All of the machine quilting is done. After having to order more thread and months of working on it, it is this far. Almost 3000 yds of thread was used in the machine quilting. Not sure about the piecing. Should hold together through several washings. It measures about 110X103 inches.
I have made up my mind I am nuts. I did all this quilting on this quilt and used all this thread. LOL You would think it was an heirloom quilt the time I put into it. Just a scrap quilt.
My neighbor and I exchange small gifts and this year I made her a casserole potholder and and extra one to use too. She has a yellow kitchen with red dishes and pots and pans. Thought it would look good hanging on the handle of her stove door. The patched blocks were orphans and I machine quilted fabric with all Cotton batting in between.
The pockets are there for your hands and you hold the long part of the potholder up against your arms to keep from getting burned. They have saved me many times from burning.

So I have one of the two done and the next one gets pin basted tomorrow. Here's hoping you all get enough time to finish what you need to. Chris


Exuberant Color said...

But scrap quilts are heirloom quilts too! with all of that thread, it should last through a few generations.

Liz said...

Beautiful work on the quilt. I haven't gotten the nerve to machine quilt but plan on giving it a go in the new year. I'll just live with the split thumb nail and calluses on my fingers for now. Merry Christmas, Chris and best wishes for a wonderful new year.