Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Hope everyone had a Great and Wonderful Christmas. We had ours yesterday and even though it snowed most of the day we had a nice and warm Christmas. This is the top I worked on everyday up until they got here and I didn't get it finished. After packages and dinner I sat back down and got it done. They were really happy with it. As you can see they liked it. Todd wanted to fall asleep and instead got interested in a movie and laid down on the floor to watch it. They both liked the quilt. The 12 year old said he was going to put it on his bed and his Mom said no. So I guess Grandma has to make two more quilts for their beds. They both just recently got new beds so time to get started on the process.
I have leftovers for the next month. Well maybe not that long, but I did send stuff home with everyone. Hope all over your holidays have been Merry Chris

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