Saturday, August 5, 2017

Cleaning and Cooking

Haven't had the Grandkids and my son and his wife for several weeks come for a cook out. Their anniversary is tomorrow.

Will get out some of those expensive steaks I bought back in Feb. and get those on the grill. They are thin and work great for steak sandwiches.

Have to figure out a couple side dishes to go with them. Little ones will eat hot dogs on the grill. Maybe coleslaw and a few raw veggies and some dip. Always Pork and beans. It will get there.

I just haven't been sewing much. I did some yesterday for about 2 hours, but the rest of the day didn't happen that way. I have to run the vac. Baby is on the floor doing the army crawl and she has learned how to go from being on all fours to sitting up by herself now. She will be crawling soon I am sure.

Sewing will come back, but why not have some fun with the kids. Chris

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