Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Been busy

So what have I been doing ? Well I have been trying for a couple years to get my husband to try and paint my door pulls and hinges in my house. The picture below shows the gaudy brass pulls which I just hate. In my bathroom I asked to do one small amount of change to see how we like it and whether it will hold up under use. I have like 42 handles and 60 hinges in my house that are all the same. So we primed, painted and polyurethaned the hinges and pulls and we are going to see how they hold up before doing them all. We thought since this bathroom is away from the others it would be cheaper to paint this and if it doesn't work we are not out a lot of money to replace them. I like the look. I decorate basically country and the shinny brass didn't cut it.

Here is the look on the oak cabinets I like it better. So time will tell if it holds up or not. I hope so. The new pulls I priced would be over $500. Yikessssss!
Back to the blocks I have been doing for the Sampler quilt. This is the center medallion. It is applique and I think I am going to do a turned applique with freezer paper and glue stick method. I think hand appliqueing it down also. Today I have to stop and clean my house or the health department is going to show up and shut me down. Not really I just need to do it. It is so dry out when the wind comes up and they are in the field picking corn the dust is really thick and it shows up in my house.
Off to get dust rag. Chris


Exuberant Color said...

We priced new handles and hinges one time too and couldn't believe the cost.

You have more patience than me if you are going to do hand applique. I like the look but can't stick with it.

Joan said...

I did this to my kitchen and bathroom handles about six years ago - and no primer first! They have held up well. HUGE money saver to do this yourself. I think you'll be pleased with how well they endure over time.