Saturday, October 16, 2010

Block #3

Well here is the start of the next block. There are four rows of mini blocks or half square triangles in this block so I stitched them together in chain piecing. After stitching them I pressed to the darker side on each of the HST.

Set the blocks in the rows into which they were sewn and ready to be assembled. Here each row is assembled and ready for pressing again. No wonder my electric bill is high. I have the iron on for days at my house.

I placed the pressed rows together to see that I have the right order to the block.

This is the finished block after sewing the rows together and the pressing is done. It was tricky to get everything going in the right direction, but the block is very colorful.

I am getting anxious to see the finished quilt now. The colors are bright and it will make a nice throw. Off to the sewing room to see what the next one is. Chris


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I like this block. It looks like it would create an all over pattern if it were repeated in a quilt.