Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We visited Rockford

We made the trip between rains and it was short and sweet. My Mother-in-law was in and out of resting. After we left she had the initial visit from Hospice and I heard she handled it well.

Hopefully they can help her with this time in her life. She has been there for so many others and now she needs the help.

It has rained for three days and we had 65mph winds this morning. We then had to get on the roof and redirect the TV antennae. It turned the direction and the reception was gone. Fixed now. We have flash flood watches out for our area. Snow possible tomorrow.

Supper in the oven and the wind is blowing. Pot roast smells good. Chris

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Bren said...

Next time you are here let me know! Maybe we can meet for lunch!