Thursday, January 4, 2018

January 4th

361 days until Christmas. Yes I am thinking ahead. I need to get going.

No I just thought I would throw that out there, but it is reality. Reflecting back over this year and deciding what I should correct and there are many things. But the biggest one is to get more sewing done.

I bought jersey knits to make some jackets for myself and haven't even thought about it since I bought the fabric. I noticed it yesterday because it was in my way.

I have things on the sewing desk that need attention like mending and I need to get them done.

The list goes on and on. I could list housekeeping skills are lacking and also food preparation has been lacking lately also. We are eating, but not the best we could be eating.

Still really cold out and wind chills are awful. Air temp is -9 degrees and the windchill is -23 degrees.
The weather is suppose to change Saturday to 33 degrees F still cold but a heat wave here, but snow mixed with rain is suppose to happen.

Today I have major cleaning in the sewing room to happen. I need to get ready to bring the old vintage Singer machine into the house
I think I will have to take down a table of my antique ironing board to make room. Need to go out and measure the length of the cabinet with it open to see where it will fit. It has been so cold I just didn't want to be messing around going in and out.

Yesterday and the night before we had the girls. Mommy was really sick. So Daddy had to work and there are 70 animals to feed so we had the girls. They were for the most part good, but yesterday after lunch they got on each others nerves and they got sent to bed for a nap and they both slept hard. They were in better moods when they got up.

I hope you are all warm and safe. Even Florida and Texas are cold. Hope you are sewing. Chris

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