Friday, August 27, 2010

I am here

Don't know where I have been before this other than Life has gotten in the way of posting. Yard work and housework and everyday life has been busy. Not all good, but some of it or most is out of my control. My MIL is being released from rehab this weekend and then in a moth or two will have to move to a new location. She is doing quite will. In a few days she will be 95 years old. My Mother has been having minor health issues. My BIL is in end stages of liver disease and my sister is having major issues handling it. My husband has improved some and is able to do more to help me. As I said life has gotten in the way of sewing and dealing with any fun activities. The yard is winding down as far as flowers and garden veggies. This weekend will be a major overhaul of the flower beds. Then I have to get back to my house. This summer with all the rain and heat we spent most of the time mowing and the inside was forgotten because we were exhausted after being out in the heat and humidity. Funny how I can sit down right beside a pile of messes and just look at them. Enough about all this. I have noticed others are really getting into the swing of finishing up projects and starting new ones. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Chris

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