Friday, August 20, 2010

Lots of pics of UFO'S Oh My

Piles and piles of UFO's. I am bad. This isn't all of them either.

This was scraps from a quilt i made. I made the snowball block and the HST are from the corners I cut off. It will be a wall hanging. I hand quilted it and gave up after a while and need to get it done. Famous last words.

Some of the detail of the hand quilting in the border.

These are Log Cabin blocks my Mom made for me. I sewed the lighter side together to make a larger light side to applique country florals on the intersections.

She loves to do these blocks.

My birthday is Valentines Day. She made this red and white Valentine quilt for me almost 15 years ago. It had been mailed back and forth across the country three times. I finally got it started and things came up in life that I never got back to it. Then I decided I would get a little froggy with the quilting and 1/4 inch echo quilting and outline quilted was what I chose. I tried marking with a blue wash out pen and the red faded into the off white. So I gave up marking. This I would really like to get done.

1/4 inch diagonal grid work is in this section.

It is white to off white and pink to red. Lots of quilting going on. Maybe this winter before my birthday I can get it done.

My cousin lives in the Boston area. She was the youngest of 9 grandchildren. She likes all the homemade things that my Grandmother use to make. She thought she could buy the kits from Joann's and make some quilts. She decided she didn't get the sewing gene that my Mother and I had.

She had two full quilt kits from Joann's BOM. They both were from 2006. So this is laying on the work table and would be fun to just sit and get the blocks made up, but with all the other UFO"S how and when would I get it done. Need to put it out of sight for now and get it out on a dreary day and have fun with it. I am afraid those days of Winter as fast approaching. The Canada Geese are flocking here and it is one of the first signs besides all the spiders coming out and making webs everywhere you want to walk. I hate a spider web in the face in the morning. Garden is about done and the leaves are starting to fall from the Crab Apple Trees. We are not having that much cooler weather yet so I am missing my fall cool mornings and cool nights. The rag weed is high and will get higher pollen counts soon. Yippppeeee more to worry about. Chris

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