Sunday, August 15, 2010

Saturday night and Sunday morning

What a weekend. I went to meet the grand kids mother and came home to find that my extra chest freezer wasn't working. I had meat and veggies from the garden and freezer pops in it. The reason I found it not working is the kids were hot and decided to get the freezer pop supply in the house stocked up. Last night in the heat my Husband decided after I cleaned out the thawed food and salvaged what I could he would look at it. He got it to start working again. It had a couple inches of thawed muck in it so I got up this morning cleaned it out and washed it all down. We thing the utility drop cord it was on burned out. It started after we plugged it in. Want to see if it stays running before I replace the food from the house in the freezer outside. Only lost Zucchini and Rhubarb I had frozen and one pound of ground chuck. I can live with that. Between the heat and the humidity and the extension cord I hope that is all that is wrong. Keeping my fingers crossed. Chris

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