Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Very busy lately

Things have been hectic around here. Besides running to see my Mother in law and having my grandson all week my lawnmower is still broke. I have pushed some, but the heat is so overwhelming. Friends of ours had their son come and mow it for me. I had all the trimming done for him. I have been quilting on this quilt. It is half done now. I worked quite a while today on it. It was to hot and humid to be out. The heat index was really high and their was an advisory out for elderly people. I feel 100 today after having a nine year old all week.
MIL has been moved to a rehab center so we hope she will improve. Stay cool. Chris


Exuberant Color said...

I'm glad you had someone to mow for you. it was killer hot today and supposed to be hotter tomorrow. Next week looks good.

ROZ said...

What a lovely old-fashioned quilt! Hope that your MIL continues to improve