Thursday, August 5, 2010

UFO and has been for years

This is a Half Log Cabin block that my mother made the blocks almost 12 years ago. I have been quilting them one at a time by hand and assembling them into rows for the finished queen sized quilt.
As you can see the back is pieced and hand stitched to assemble the blocks after I hand quilted them.

I stitched every darker colored block by hand. After assembling the blocks I go back and quilt the lighter areas. To have a finished quilt one of these years. LOL

Pinks to peach and white to off white is the colors in the quilt. It will be a nice Spring and Summer quilt for any bed. I need to get this finished. Some day.
I am laughing as I ask this . How many UFO's do you have? I have several more. Chris


bettyp said...

How nice that will look when your done . So are you doing 'quilt as you go'? I have done that many time.I quilt the block with my sewing machinethen join them together!!
Post the finished quilt when its done.....

Exuberant Color said...

That will be a very pretty quilt........someday. I like the colors in it.