Saturday, May 4, 2013

Not alot going on

We had a few days of warm weather and we had company for 5 days. Now we are back in shape with the house. I have been lost in my own mind and dealing with the fight I have going on with my weight.

Since not working, which I quit for the hip pain I had with the type of work I did, I have packed on a lot of weight I really shouldn't have. I need to get beyond the pain and get moving.  I had a job of pulling carts through the hospital with 400-600 lbs of clean linen on them. There was between 11- 14 carts a day in and out of closets, small rooms and on carpet in some locations.

Needless to say I'm guilty of sitting down and not moving. I know it wasn't the thing to do, but the pain is over the top. Now the weight and the pain I am really in a sad place. I'm helping with pushing the trim mower and then I suffer for days afterwards. Can't win. Trying.

I have drastically cut down on food intake and no sodas. Also trying to get enough protein. Now I'm experiencing food sensitivity. So more limited with my choices. No bread, pasta, potatoes or starchy veggies. All the things you use on a budget to stretch a meal. Dieting isn't cheap. The exercise is a big key and it has lots of pain involved. I have moderate to severe Arthritis.

Ok this isn't about quilting, but don't get in my shape please. No fun!Chris 

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Katie M. said...

Chris, as we all know excess weight does cause health issues. I am short at 5'2" and weigh over 200 lbs. I have dieted off and on most of my adult life and at 59 have decided that my size does not reflect who I am as a person inside. I walk 3½ miles 3 days a week. I started by swimming last July and when the pool closed, my exercise buddy and I started the walking. I am seriously looking forward to the pool reopening as I found it did more good than the walking. I have my aches and pains due to injuries and joint surgeries and found that the swimming was the best form of exercise for me. Maybe you could check out your local YMCA or community pool for adult swim times/ or water exercise programs. And trust me I know you're probably thinking the same thing I did "I don't want to be seen in a bathing suit!" The results of how I felt was worth it and the best part - because I got over my visual issue I was able to go out with my son & family to a water park and really enjoy the day! I know you will find something that works for you and remember to just love yourself - it's what's inside that really counts!