Saturday, May 18, 2013


We are at a standstill for another week. Because my Mother-in-law died in a different county than what she was to be buried in we have to wait for documentation. So the memorial will be next Saturday.

I have been trying to find projects to keep my husband busy so he copes with the wait. We are getting a lot of yard work done, but it is wearing us out. You collapse in bed and you ache from all the activity. You can't lay there and we are up early.

Meals and laundry and trips to the hardware store are my thing as of late. No sewing.

Graduation quilt no where near complete. Never enough hours in the day. Like today need to go to the store for milk. Oh well we are busy.

Some of the stress is gone, but the wait is daunting now. Not a perfect World. Chris

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sewyouquilt2 said...

so so sorry for the loss of your Mother in law. I know what you mean. My brother in law passed away last year while on a vacation trip with friends. it was over a month before we got the body back and was frustrating trying to deal with it all. good luck and condolences.