Monday, May 13, 2013

Quiet Day here

We got a phone call that the end is near for my Mother-in-law. She has lived a long life. 97 years and it had it's good and bad times, but she was loved.

She was the oldest girl of 14 children and helped raised the younger kids. Family was her life. She had 9 grandkids and 4 step grandkids she spent as much time as she could. She has 4 Great grandkids and I think 6 step Great grandkids.

Her working life was in the Eye Office. My Father-in-law was an Optometrist with two other Dr.s. She did all the cooking and cleaning and laundry for everyone. The last few years things have been done for her. She deserved it.

Always earrings, rings and necklace even if she was mowing the yard. Funny how some things make a difference in what your routine is.  Here clothes were pressed and creases in her pants and sleeves of even her sweaters.

The time creeps by slowly when you are waiting news. Chris


Katie M. said...

Losing a parent always hurts, but sometimes knowing 'it's time' can ease some of the hurt. Warm thoughts coming to you and your family.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Keep us posted, Chris...(hug)