Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Well today is not a dedicated day for me. I am aimlessly wondering from one task to another. I keep searching for the right thing to interest me.

We have had a little rain today and now the sun is coming out. Humidity a sunlight make for a steamy afternoon. I think I will turn the fan on and go sew some. Really should be cleaning or sorting through one of the many piles I have placed in my sewing room.

I keep saying, but the dedication and urge haven't hit me. It is now 3:10pm in the afternoon, don't think it will happen. Where do others find the where with all to teach and write new patterns and design? I would like to have all this, but I guess I have this stick -to-ed-ness issue. I start but burn out before the end results.

Note to self get with it. I guess teaching old dogs new trick isn't easy. I really need to turn over a new leaf when it comes to that kind of stuff.

Well the garden for veggies is done. We have to dig potatoes and pull a few radishes, but the season is winding down. Where has the Summer gone. I am not looking forward to the cold and snowy Winter ahead.

I have been listening to comments on the daytime talk shows about unplugging. I maybe need to practice this too. I do enjoy a few blogs first thing in the morning while having my coffee and maybe checking in before bedtime, but I caught myself checking every 30 minutes today to see if anyone updated their blogs. Enough is enough. I need a life seated at the machine. LOL No I'm not depressed just envious of others dedication and their accomplishments. Good for all of you. I will be back later after I kick my behind. Chris

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