Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lots mentally going on

Yesterday I got up early and spent almost 6 hours sewing. Proud to say I have used up 5 containers of scraps so far on my string blocks. I plan on making about 20 more blocks and then I sure hope I have enough to finish this quilt.
I listened to Netflix while sewing and got lost in the drama of the show I was watching. Only a few more episodes in the "Crossing Jordan" series I am watching. I think there were 7 seasons.

So on to the brain overload. I should have been hand sewing while watching "NCIS" And "NCIS LA" because the were reruns. Can't wait until the new season starts. Note to self get some hand work out to be ready.....

So back to what I did. Well the time drain was looking at Pinterest. I looked under the topic of quilting and ran across a blog through searching that was intriguing to me. Lots of scrappy quilts and hand and machine piecing. I haven't ever seen this blog before, but she uses ideas from Material Obsession. Her use of floral and geometric prints together in the same blocks got my brain over stimulated. I was tired and went to bed. Well didn't sleep long and was back up in 45 minutes. Then up again in 3 hours and up early again.

I need to unwind and not over do it tonight. My mind was wandering to all the fabric still laying there that needs put away or cut and sorted let alone all the sewing that is in stages of completion. So many within hours of being a total top.

Today I will get out another scrap bin to complete a few more of these string blocks to get closer to the 80 6inch blocks that I have set for my sized quilt I plan on completing. It has been a good use of all this small pieces I just didn't have the heart to get rid of.

I need to find a calmer way to think through all this quilting ideas walking or should I say running through my brain cells. It is like a tornado of ideas hit and fleeting only to hit again and again. I saw myself in a dream world sitting with bushel baskets overflowing with scraps sitting at my feet and I was overwhelmed with thread, needles, and scissors and unreal goals of blocks that needed completion before I could leave. I'm tired maybe I should go back to bed and start the day over. LOL Chris 

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Amy Barta said...

I lay in bed and mull things over, too. Pinterest can be a very dangerous place! =D

My big time consuming dilemma is finding the perfect handbag. Still on the hunt for that one!