Friday, September 20, 2013

Looking at old pictures

Forgot I have a whole quilt of these in a pile. Yes one of my piles. Maybe I should look for it.
I have at least a lap quilt of these blocks in there in another pile. What have I been thinking of????
This is the block pieces that make the block above. Light and dark sides. I think I need my head examined. I need to get to work.
Took my Mother for an eye appointment and she is to have cataract surgery next month. So more hand work will have to be in the works for the time at the hospital and appointments. Chris

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I am Just One Mom said...

I know what you have been thinking: Oh, that is a cute idea, I will do it!
I have that same voice in my head. I need to reprogram it to say, Finish it up, Miss Busy Busy.