Sunday, September 15, 2013

Yes I am crazy more handwork

This is what the drafted pattern looks like. Yes it is a block others have done, but I made my own templates.
I decided as large as it is about 24 of these with some connecting half blocks would go fairly fast, but that is only true if you cut out the right sized pieces. I made the mistake of cutting a template with the seam allowance on it several days ago and then I proceeded to add another seam allowance and wondered why it didn't fit. This isn't a rotary cutter type project. It would go faster. Then after several attempts to sew the correct sequence together I am this far. I thought I counted right and had all the pieces cut out to find out I am short one red one and four of the off white. So today I will get that done and complete the first block. Hand work takes up a lot of time and the prep work to get to the hand stitching is my weakness. All the years of sewing I hated cutting out a pattern most of all.
I wanted to be at the machine and not taking the time to cut out something.
Raining today so we will be inside. Need to make homemade Chicken and noodles today for lunch. My Mom is coming to eat with us. Have a Great day. Chris 

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