Friday, April 6, 2018

I thought it was suppose to be Spring????????

Sorry for the shadow, but I have finished 64 of these blocks. I want to lay them out tomorrow and see how many more I need to if I am at least close to what I want this group for. 

It is so cold here we started the
 fireplace today. We had 40 mph winds and the windchills were like 17 degrees. Sadly the windchill over night tonight is suppose to be in single digits. I think an extra quilt on the bed tonight.

Spring is officially here, but we are to get snow tomorrow and Sunday. Accumulation is expected, but they aren't sure how much yet.

I have been working on getting some of these blocks finished. I have piles of blocks that are started and need to find a finish.

I got a puzzle out to work over the weekend. Suppose to be so cold I am sure we won't be going anywhere.

Stay warm Chris

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the ark said...

So cozy! The quilts make it picture-perfect!