Thursday, April 5, 2018

Thrift store finds

I have two purposes for going to the thrift stores. Besides finding bargains I also look for clothing for the three granddaughters. they are growing so fast can't hardly keep up with keeping them in clothes. The other being I am always on the look out for shirts made with 100% cotton.

I cut up the shirts and use them in my scrap quilting. I was looking for some plaids and stripes for a more feminine looking quilt blocks. It is harder to find ladies 100% cotton shirts. 

I have a lot of masculine colored shirt pieces from men's shirts. 

Today they are talking like 4 more days of snow showers in the next week. This has been a never ending Winter. But we say that every year. The ground needs the moisture because after heavy rains in the Spring last year the Summer months didn't recieve a whole lot of moisture.

Trying to gear myself up into doing some more cleaning in the sewing room and getting some sashing strips cut for a QAYG blocks that are quilted, but not joined. 

I am going to get myself started to get some goals of making quilts or finishing some for Christmas presents this coming Christmas. Lofty goal, but many are in the works of getting closer to quilting them. 

Hope you have a great sewing day. Chris  

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