Wednesday, April 4, 2018

When there is a will there is a way

I am making these 9-patches with the sashing around them. I have 35 of them this far. I think 60 or 64 would make a better finished sizes. So more trimming out the 9-patches that are sitting in the drawer. 

I will cut a lot of different fabrics and when the small leftovers are sitting there I try and cut them into usable sized squares. 1.5, 2. 2.5 are my go to sizes. So if it is a few minutes her and there I can make nine patches or four patches and have them ready when the mood strikes. When I started this I think I had about 250 of them made up.

The strips I am using around these 2.5 inch square nine patches is cut 2 inches. I started sewing this around this block and thought I would have enough from the four strips I had. Well yes there was enough, but not as long as I needed for the last two sides. so I pieced a cut off piece from the first two strips to make it enough. 

I think if it is quilted and washed unless you look for it you won't notice this add-on. I have had to do it before and it just seems to fade away and look like one whole piece. 

I wanted to tell you I got the correct tensioner for my Singer 66 machine, but the tension is off. I need to play with it and get it right. May take awhile. I need to adjust the top and bottom tensions and also try a different spool of thread. The thread I used was on a cone and it needs to be a regular wound spool or use a thread stand. Also the pressure on the presser foot needs to be adjusted. 

The top stitch is perfect, but the looped threads on the bottom tells me the top tension needs help. 

I think today will a be at home day. We got snow overnight and also it is snowing right now. Not a lot and it will not last long. The frost is out of the ground. The air is cold and it is breezy.

Hope you have a great sewing day. Chris 

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