Monday, March 26, 2018

Sewing for a few hours every morning

This is a pile of pressed, but not squared up string blocks that are 8 inches square. I have a tub with 1.5 inch strips cut and they need to be sewn up.

I have been making a dent in them. The strings have had some age on them because the cut sides are getting stringy. They are turning out really pretty.

I am trying to get some things done a little oat a time to make more space in the sewing room.

I have 4 pieces of Minky in my sewing room. Two need to be cut and made into smaller baby sized small quilts for my neighbor. I just don't have the heart to cut into them. The lint and trying to stitch them is a bug hang up for me. Then  there is enough for my granddaughters to each have one also.

I guess not time like the present to get them done.

We are going to have Easter Dinner here on Sunday. so we have been cleaning and rearranging rooms. There will be 8 here for dinner. The weather isn't suppose to be to nice so Easter baskets will be inside.

I have Tulip leaves popping through the ground and Daylillies are showing up also. I think they got fooled with the warmer weather we had a week ago. The Maple trees are starting to open up their buds. I just can't wait to not have the furnace on all the time, but then the A/C has to be on before you know it.

I got that Vintage Singer Treadle machine converted to an electric machine several months ago. It has been sitting in the garage and I finally made room for it. So maybe it will brought into the house in the next couple days.

It is cleaned up and oiled. Needs a new needle and wind the bobbin and get started on it. It is in a cabinet that is from the 60's so It has a knee controller which I think I will like.

I hope you are all able to get your sewing done. Chris 

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