Sunday, March 4, 2018

Birthday dinner for a 5 year old.

First off Thank You over comments on the QAYG blocks. They are about half done. Haven't been back to them for a couple days.
Autumn Grace is now 5 years old. Her Birthday was March 2nd. We are having a birthday dinner for her and Mommy whose birthday was the 1st. 

She is in Preschool and doing well. She has attitude of a 30 year old at times, but is very polite. Yes Ma'am and please and thank you and your welcome all are used everyday. 

She is going to be trouble for Daddy with all the boys after her in a couple years, but Daddy has two more younger that will cause him grief also. 

We are having Italian beef sandwiches, potato salad, raw veggies and dill dip, deviled eggs and a to die for Strawberry pretzel Jello salad plus chocolate cupcakes. 

Oh yes and Autumn wanted ham and Swiss cheese sliders. So they will be made also. And mac and cheese for the two younger ones that are picky eaters.

The sun is out and the temps are warming up so the kids can be outside dressed warm,  but get some fresh air. We have bikes here for them and a long drive and huge patio that all connect. 

Hope all of you can sew and enjoy your day. Chris 

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