Saturday, March 10, 2018

Saw my first Robin

I got so excited. I saw the first Robin today in my Crab apple tree. Is Spring on the way?
Not sure we might get snow tonight.

Took my husband to the Dr. yesterday and he is getting weaker. He contracted a cold and it has lingered. They took xrays of his lungs but no results yet.

He is having more trouble breathing and the next step is oxygen. Almost to that point. He had COPD Parkinson's Disease and several other things. He is 107 lbs with all his clothing and shoes on.

I went to store to find things he would eat that will put weight on. He has no taste buds left after years of medicine. Loosing battle.

I have worked on my QAYG blocks and only have one more to finish. Then all the trimming and start to assemble the rows. Tomorrow morning I plan on trying to get farther with it.

Hope your sewing projects are coming along and you are never without thread in your bobbin. Chris

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the ark said...

I am so sorry to hear that your husband is feeling worse. I hope that your quilting can give you some respite from the suffering you both must be going through. Take care.