Tuesday, March 6, 2018

More QAYG done

I have 18 of the GAYG blocks all quilted. If everything works out I will be able to get the other 6 completed by the latest tomorrow. Then the assembling of the rows and the completion of the top will happen.

Not sure how wide my sashing pieces will be. I can make them finished about 2 inches wide I think. Some measuring will have to happen. I want to get them all quilted and placed in rows so I can figure out the color I think I am going to use. I have shades of muslin, tans and browns. So I need to do some auditioning for the final selection.

I found another set of blocks that need finishing. They can be quilted in the same method. I think they will be next. I seem to be able to get more done with the blocks or sections of a quilt that trying to quilt a whole top.

I think the size is daunting and it intimidates me so I just figure the domestic machine  will not handle it.

I need to get through some of these top and get them quilted. Maybe making my mind up to just figure on doing the QAYG method will make me more motivated to get them done.

I will thing forward and keep the goals going after a success is finished it will make it easier.  Hope you have a great sewing day. Chris 

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