Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Getting back into my grove

The bucket of strings is full. The string blocks are coming together only with a twist. These are 8 inch paper foundation made string blocks. The brown star  is from 3X6 inch rectangles cut diagonally and added to the corners. I had to lay them out to match this block so they were right. I need to keep up with this as a leader and ender type sewing. 

Two weekends ago we had the family in for a Birthday for Autumn. This is a picture of 14 month old Charleigh and her Daddy. 

She was dressed so cut with her blinged out jeans and fuzzy vest and pink and silver shows. He white air and rosie cheeks make her look like a real angel, but she has a temper and attitude. She has been cutting molars and not happy about that. 

They grow up so fast. 

I have house cleaning to do today. Spent most of the morning yesterday getting brakes on my car. So today I stay home and make some order out of the kitchen mess. 

Have a Great Sewing Day. Chris

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