Thursday, March 1, 2018

Few more done

I got a few more stitched in my quest to get some of this done. I have been limited in time lately so for now on even if it is an hour a day I have to get this room cleaned out. I have ordered more fabric and it should be here today. It is to get some more of the project finished.  

The center squares were really small squares I got in a zippered bag from the thrift store. I couldn't let them go to waste. I think with the colors coordinated around them to make the star shape and the outer frame it really sets off the centers. 

This is one I did today. I look at them now and the points are sewn over and the seams don't meet well, but it is a hand made item so not perfect. 

I think I am going to gift this, but will see what the outcome is before I promise it to anyone. I used fabric that my Mother had bought for the backing. I need to get some of that worked up also. 

I plan on stitching the blocks together and connecting with a mottled tan fabric to not takeaway from the blocks. I have other choices I can use, but I will see what looks right as I get some more of them quilted. 

Things are changing in my house. My husband is not able to do as much lately so I have had to pick up the pace. I have left him to do as much as he can do. I knew this was coming, but I have backed off pushing him. He just doesn't have the strength to keep up the things he wants to do. 

I have some things that will have to be done this Spring and I need to muster up the spunk to get them done. So my blogging will be a lot slower and has been so far. Maybe I will check in once a week and keep up with the blog. I read everyday and try and see what others are doing so I stay inspired. 

Hope you have a Great Day. Chris