Saturday, April 28, 2018

It has been eight days

I will be honest. Not a whole lot of anything about sewing has happened. I have started to go into the sewing room a couple times each day and get called away.

I did get about an hour before cooking supper tonight. I am working on a QAYG method with some blocks that are already quilted.

I cut some sashing strips and didn't cut enough so in the morning I will get the rest cut. I need just one more. Then the assembly will be started.

The weather has finally turned to be nice during part of the day. It is suppose to be 32 degrees again in the morning. But them it will be pushing 70 during the day.

We need rain very badly. The farmers are in the fields and the cloud of dust follows them as they try and plant. They have called Red Flag Day. Meaning high danger of fire. Dry and high winds are making fuel of the dried grassed and real danger to others now.

We are not to get rain in the next few days, but until then we watch for smoke and hope nothing happens.

If the ground ever warms up maybe the grass seed we planted would grow. We have been watering to get it to germinate, but nothing yet.

Hope you are seeing Spring weather finally. Chris

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