Sunday, November 15, 2009


My husband and I were first married Novemember 14, 1987. We later divorced and remarried not once but twice. We have a couple whom I hae known the husband since high school so over 40 years. They were married on the same day 1/2 hour after us. We are still very close to this couple and talk to them everyday. We have been through thick and thin with them. She was a chicken nut as I was and has since somewhat changed her tastes. She acquired a Rooster area rug and after she got it didn't like it. It is on the computer room floor. She gave it to me after I had made them a quilt for their 20th anniversary. This year would have been 22 yrs. for all of us, but 22yrs. for sure for them. So she was cleaning out things and found these dishes and glasses she had purchased and she uses them no longer. They were taking up cupboard space for her. So she knows I love Chickens so she gifted them to us in celebration of our shared day. She still feels we have been marreid as long as they have. Which in the same sense we have. There never was anyone else just a difference of opinions at the time. I really like them and I have cleaned my cupboard out and now my husband is making a book shelf for me to put my cookbooks on and I can use the empty cupboard for my old dishes which were chickens also. Hope you have a Clucking good day. Chris

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