Thursday, November 12, 2009

Early Morning Stars are out

Well it is about 6am CT time. The sky is still dark of course and the stars are twinkling in the sky. Means it is cold out. But it is suppose to get to 68*F today. I love the fall for sleeping weather. Cool at night but halfway nice during the day. Todays twists and turns of the day are unknown to me at this momment. I would like to sew, but we will see. I have to clean the bottom of my iron. I made some curtains for my kitchen and the spray starch decided it liked the sole plate of my iron and it is a mess. Had to clean it off between panels as I was ironing them. Maybe the spray starch is old and it needs to be pitched. Oh boy this brings back memories of growing up with the starched white shirts and the blouses that had to be ironed for school and my Dad's job. My Mom hated to iron so guess who got the job. Am I telling my age now. Well I was born in the beginning of the mid century years. No perma press then. Believe me we were so happy when that fabric became available in the fabric stores. Today a sweatshirt and denim is my favorite appareal. Have a Great Day. Chris

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