Friday, November 6, 2009

Sewing but not quilting today

Finally got the fabric I ordered for the kitchen windows. Well it is the eating area of the kitchen. I wallpapered and kept looking for something to put up at the windows and found fabric I like and they didn't have enough. Still have the window over the sink to do and then a Rod for the door window has to be purchased to make them. I have bought fabric for the table cloth and hexagon flowers made to stitch onto the top of it. Looks very Country now.
This was fairly easy to do because it is woven and not printed fabric. So I cut on the weave and got a straight cut each time. It is Ecru and Cranberry Red Check 1/4 inch, or Turkey Red was the color of the thread. It is a Homespun fabric and I like the look for the kitchen. Tomorrow I am off to my son's. He has some new windows that need paint on the trim work on the outside. Also a new door and an old door that need paint. So Mom is the painter. Need to mulch leaves one more time before I put the mower to rest for the year. Next the deck will have to come off and the snow blade will have to go on. Not looking forward to that. Chris

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