Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Starting the process of quilting

This is where the Cotton Theory quilting method starts. You cut your backing 3 inches larger than your finished block. Lay the right side facing down.
Cut your batting the finished size of the block and place centered on the backing fabric. Lay the quilt block which is 1/2 half inch larger than the batting on the batting fabric. center all of them. The block will be 1/4 inch bigger on all sides than the batting.

As you can see the difference in the quilt block and the batting. 1/4 inch difference on all sides of the block.

Pin baste them together to get ready to quilt. I am going to machine stitch close to the flower and leaves and stems and then do my machine quilting up to the 1/4 inch seam allownace of the appliqued quilt block. Afte all the quilt blocks are quilted I will then show you the connecting methods that Betty Cotton used From The Cotton Theory Book. She has her book on

I have gotten up the last couple mornings and started to work on this quilt. Today I got a call early that my son's girlfriend was in the hospital. so off to the hospital I ran. she is improving and I went to their house and recieved the deliveries that were coming for the remodel and I am back home. So here are the pictures of the quilt blocks as I sandwiched them together for the quilting process. I will add more pictures as this process gets further along. Chris

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