Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ok spending way to much time on computer

Now I have the bug. I love to quilt and I love to knit. I have been looking at the blogs and the knitters are really giving me the urge to get out the yarn and needles and see what I can do. I have always been a plain knitter. I do cables and four needles and knit and purl without any trouble. I think! Well the socks are interesting to me and the turning of the heel is scaring me. I have a neighbor that has done a lot of knitting in her day. She says she will work with me to get through the turning of the heel. But then I have all this quilting I need to do. So now what? Quilt or knit? I guess stay off the computer knit in the morning while having coffee and do my housework yes the dreeded housework then quilt. Does that make sense?? There are two yarn shops about 30 miles in two different directions from my house. Maybe that is a bad thing. I have been trying to get my long over due baby fat off. My son is almost 33 years old. I know LOL! I have lost 22 pounds and still trying. Would like to get to a comfortable size that if I do get something knitted and I like it I can wear it for several occasions and since I don't go anywhere that may take years to get the several wearings out of the road. I am allergic to wool so the run of the mill yarns are all I can use. Oh well they are cheaper to buy also. I can' work any faster. I thought about a diet of coffee, but then I have to run to the toilet a lot. I can't win for loosing. What is a person to do?? knit quilt knit quilt oh well I am going to go stain my cabinet out in the garage. I will ponder the point at another time. Sound like Scarlet O'Hara. Chris

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