Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Life has a way of interfering with my plans

Well my intentions were good. My days were planned and that didn't go the way I wanted them to. I get up in the morning and wait for 7am to show up. Call a friend and talk for a short period of time. Then pretty soon my mother calls she is up and we have to discuss her day. Then the phone rings again and it is the husband of the friend I called for my husband. They are buds and they talk rehash everything she and I talked about earlier. Guy thing. They talk like two old woman. And they say we talk alot. LOL Well then by that time I am ready for a nap. No I don't take one, but my day is 4-5 hours old and nothing accomplished. The next thing is getting cleaned up and ready for lunch. Heck I didn't have breakfast. So now what?? Lunch and then my only soap opera and on to really take a nap. Then up for the rest of my day. Which is shot at this point so who cares. Watch a little TV and Sew a few stitches maybe a load or two of laundry. Oh yeah was I suppose to get something out and started for supper. The phone is ringing again for the afternoon calls. Oh by the way my son has called and said he was online. So I spend an hour on messenger with him. Did I learn anything no. Same old same old stuff. Oh shoot I forgot to get something out for supper. So now what?? Scrambled eggs and toast. But then what will I eat for breakfast tomorrow? Maybe hot dog and pork and beans that are left over from the other day or was that last week and I forgot to throw them out. Ok They are not green so they must still be good. Gee it is 5pm now what do I do the evening news is on. Hot dog doesn't sound good eggs no way, How about a bowl of ice cream and choc sauce. Yippppeee. One question answered and happy with. Oh no it is almost time for bed. Guess what I have to get up and do this again tomorrow. Chris

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QuiltScrappy said...

.....and the beat goes on on on on on :) Thanks for sharing with us....we can all relate and have a chuckle.