Monday, April 19, 2010

Been busy

This is a mini hothouse for pepper plants we raised from seed. They were taking over my house.

You can see the peppers inside. This is out on the south side of my house but it gets some shade during the heat of the day.

Jeff made the flower box for me and I needed to get the peppers planted. I will show you progress as they bloom and bear fruit.

Here are some tomato cages he made for me. We have a lot of wind where we live and I wanted something that would hold up. We are going to wrap in plastic until the weather gets warmer so the tomatoes can handle the weather on their own.

Here is the back side of a new birdhouse he has made. See the log rack. He cut pine tigs to put in the rack.

Here is the front of the condo. It is divided in the middle of the inside.

This is a lilac in bloom. We grew it from a start. It smells wonderful.

Here are the crab apple trees. They are almost in full bloom. As you can see we live in a Manufactured home park and we have the largest yard of anyone.

This is looking from yard to my neighbors. Lots to keep mowed.

This is a different Tulip. It is called a peony tulip. They are like double layers on the inside. Yes that is a dandelion

Here is a better picture of one of them. Also the yellow flower is Dead Nettles.
It is a ground cover and it was mixed in with the day lillies when I moved some of them around the base of the tree.

This is the first birdhouse he made this year. He likes to use scrap lumber and make things. Scrappy like me! LOL

That was a gate from the Family farm. So they were throwing it out and I grabbed it. He cut it in half and the vine behind is a trumpet
vine. Chris

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Exuberant Color said...

It looks like a good little shelter for the pepper plants. I didn't realize they would be so big already.

I have late lilacs, miss kim I think. I love the smell of them.

those are some sturdy tomato cages. I can see why you need that if it is windy. I heard you should take the bottom 6 leaves off the tomato plants and then plant them deep. I don't remember if that was just for containers or for in the ground too.