Thursday, April 15, 2010

Do I wash Windows or Sew??

I guess that is the question. The sewing can wait the windows can wait. Do I want a clearer outlook on life? or do I want a brighter look at fabric? We are suppose to get rain and they say wash your windows and it will rain. So what is a person to do? The Winter grim is on the windows and it is driving me nuts to look out and they are so dirty, but I really would like to get this quilt top done and I guess I will put off the outside work for the quilt top. I can wash a window at a time on the inside and maybe it will look a little cleaner. The bottom sash on my windows tips in to wash, but it is the upper half with no screen that I notice the most. Oh well! Someday all my work will be done and I can sew for ever. Wishful thinking. Chris

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Exuberant Color said...

I haven't washed any windows yet. I have the old fashioned storms and screens. The kitchen ones are driving me nuts but I keep thinking we are going to get a lot of spring rain and I should wait until that is done.