Wednesday, April 14, 2010

An Experiment

We have an eastern facing sliding glass door. This year to give my husband something to do while recovery was going on we planted seeds for garden plants. This is some of the tomatoes and green pepper plants. Some have been transplanted three times because they out grew the pots.
This try is sage, flat leaf parsley and fern dill plus green peppers. As you can see the Tomatoes need to be outside. I need to move them today. They are getting stunted by being on the bottom of this table. No blooms yet, but I am sure they will have them before we get them in the ground. Still not warm enough to be planted outside.

These Peppers are colored ones. They are a sweet bell pepper, but yellow, orange, red, and purple oh yea also white. I am anxious to see them as they mature. We planted all the seeds we had and 42 plants came up. We are not planting all of them ourselves. We have a couple friends that will get some of them.

We must have the right amount of light as a greenhouse has to get them to germinate. Never thought we would get so successful with the project. Chris

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Cathie said...

Well you certainly have quite a jump start on a beautiful garden. Those plants are HUGE? I'm in North Carolina and just got my garden in two weeks ago. Teeny tiny plants, but they're growing every day. I came across your blog from "Exhuberant Color's" blog. You make some beautiful things. Your piecing is wonderful.