Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Weather an issue

I would really like to sew most of the evening. I' m in the mood. Guess what the weather is not cooperating. We are to have more bad storms. Had to shut things down last night and this morning. My son is the asst FEMA Director in his County in Illinois. The Director is in Florida so he got a phone call last night and had to deal with it on his own. A small rural town of about 900 was hit hard and they had no electricity and the National Weather Service came to investigate and think from the path of destruction it might be a small tornado. That was at 10pm. At midnight it hit again and at 5am it hit again. Now we are in a Tornado watch until  10 pm. It is hot and humid and the air is still. You know they say the calm before the storm. So he will be out all night again and is suppose to be at work as a 911 dispatcher at 6am. Maybe I won't call him tomorrow and talk to him. Might not be a good day to ask him to do something for me. I should run to the store and buy some bread. No maybe not I would just eat the whole loaf being frustrated over worrying about the weather and him.              I started sewing and cutting scraps today again. I want this quilt to look like it is a period quilt from about the late 1890's. It is dark prints and shirtings and homespun fabrics. As soon as I can trust the weather I will get a picture on the blog to show you. Chris 

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